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How to do effective sales activities

 Japanese sales activity style can be sometimes strange for foreign people. However, it is essential to understand and do these differences, as your Japanese competitors have already been doing. So I will show you the typical difference of Japanese sales activities compared to overseas countries, which are followings:


1. Visit customers regularly

You might think that it is quite normal even in other countries. But?the importance is to visit? even when you have nothing to talk with, as its purpose is to get updated information. The sooner you get this kind of information, the better your business situation will be.

So you always should try to collect new information (whatever your customer would be interested in, e.g. market situation, your new products, customer’s competitors’ information, etc.) as a souvenir for your customer. Then by giving such information during the meeting with customer, you would get more important information from your customer in return which your competitors do not have yet.

2. Understand “Between the lines”
When you visit your potential Japanese customers, they might say that “We are interested in your products”.?However, please do not believe in 100% what they said. Of course, they can be interested in your products. But?even when they are NOT interested in, they would say “We are interested in your products“…

Please understand that Japanese people are not liar. But Japanese people basically want to be polite to foreign people therefore do not want you to be disappointed. So after your following up to this customer and you get answer like “We are still evaluating your products.”, this Japanese customers actually meant? “We are not interested in your products.”

3. Listen to “Real” customer’s voice
Especially for foreign people, it is quite difficult to get “Real” customer’s voice or customer’s unofficial information.?In order to get this kind of information, you should get along well with your customers.?(In reality,?it is often effective?to go drinking?or?Karaoke?in order to get along well with Japanese customers.)

The reason is that it is quite difficult for Japanese people to express the true feeling, as they are too shy. But once they?get along with you after going drinking or karaoke, they will tell you?important and sometimes unofficial information which will be advantageous to you…

 And these are the real Japanese ways of business communication.