Fenetre Partners is a leading consulting firm for market entry into Japan and business development in Japan. We provide our clients with market research, distributor & partner search, marketing & sales rep and so on.

Representative Directors


Satoshi Takayama

 He is the Representative Director and Co-founder of Fenetre Partners, Ltd., with over 15 years experience in Japanese industrial market as an engineering marketing and sales professional for European and American companies. His previous work involved serving as a territory manager in charge of industrial filter products of Parker Hannifin Japan, Ltd. in which he was awarded “Best Sales Person of the Year” and “Best Contributor of the Year”. He established Fenetre Partners in 2008 and has worked for mainly machinery and components suppliers from the US and Germany for their market entry into Japan. He earned his B. Engineering (Mechanical Engineering) from Waseda University and MBA from Manchester Business School. He is also Japan investment representative of Pennsylvania, authorized trade consultant of Virginia Economic Development Partnership and trade consultant of Japan trade office, Great Lakes St. Lawrence Governors & Premiers.

Yasushi Hasegawa

 He is the Representative Director and Co-founder of Fenetre Partners with 25 years’ experience in the fields of strategy, marketing and sales management in Japan. Prior to founding Fenetre Partners, he served as a strategy consultant on over 100 projects: new business development, market research, sales development and change management mainly in the industries: food, IT, telecommunication, pharmaceutical, logistics, video games, retailing and food service in Japan.He currently manages market entry and trade projects between Japan and the global market and has worked on over 150 projects. He earned his B.A. in Commerce from Waseda University, and Executive MBA from Hult International. He is also an authorized trade consultant of Virginia Economic Development Partnership, principle of Japan trade office, Great Lakes St. Lawrence Governors & Premiers and senior advisor to Enterprise Florida Japan.




Johnathan Scharf
 He is an American who used to study in Japan and now lives in New Jersey. He is a market entry and sales performance consultant serving multinational companies for more than 25 years and Fenetre Partners’ authorized representative in the United States. He specializes in all phases of market research, establishing highly effective channels of distribution and creating and implementing growth strategies, primarily for Japanese and other Asia affiliated companies entering or expanding in the US market. Spent 7 years as an expat in Tokyo and another 7 years living in Singapore and working throughout Southeast Asia for Milliken & Co and Herman Miller, Inc. He did his undergraduate studies at The College of New Jersey, USA and Kansai Gaidai University in Osaka, Japan. He then went on to earn his master’s degree in International Economics from Temple University in Tokyo, Japan and has completed post graduate business studies at Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan, University of Michigan and The University of Chicago. His Japanese language and Asian cross-cultural skills allow him to be equally at home in the United States, Japan or elsewhere in Asia.


Shizuka Miura
 Having grown up in Japan, she has lived and worked in Germany, France, and USA and now resides in Berlin/Germany. She is a market entry consultant of Fenetre Partners, Ltd. Prior to joining to Fenetre Partners in 2016, she’s had more than 15 years of experience in project management and coordination between Japan and foreign countries in human resource, automobile, insurance, and publishing industries. She managed Japanese contents licensing throughout Europe, Turkey, and South America. She earned her Master’s degree (Magister) in Social Anthropology from Cologne University in Germany, and MBA with full scholarship from the Renault Foundation from Sorbonne and Dauphine, France.


Sintaek Kang
 He is a Korean, based in Seoul. He is the representative of Fenetre Partners Korea, with over 27 years experiences in global industrial market. he has been specialized in the market and business development. His previous career was to establish new businesses across Asia Pacific regions with his specific engineering background which makes customer demands approached differently and lead the customers to satisfy with their unmet needs. He is a quite result-oriented business professional with proven abilities in strategic planning and continuous revenue growth, and his most empowered area is the customized management leadership to fit in the multi-cultural clients and help small business maximize the bottom-line results. He earned his B.A. in Mechanic Engineering from Seoul National University of Science & Technology and e-MBA certification.


Our Advisors


Prof. Steven White
 He is Associate Professor in the Department of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Strategy of Tsinghua University’s School of Economics and Management and Associate Director of Tsinghua University’s x-lab. His MBA and executive teaching is focused on strategy and execution, innovation and design thinking for new venture opportunities, M&A and alliances, international growth strategies, and cross-cultural management. His current research projects investigate business model innovation, cooperative strategies, entrepreneurship and dynamics of clean technology industries, and internationalization. He has published extensively in international journals, including the Academy of Management Journal, Strategic Management Journal, etc. Before joining Tsinghua, Dr. White taught at INSEAD, CEIBS and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He received his Ph.D. from MIT’s Sloan School of Management, MA from the International University of Japan, and BS from Duke University.


Masato Kikuchi 2.png Masato Kikuchi
 He is attorney at law and a member of Daini Tokyo Bar Association. His major fields of practices are corporate legal affairs such as international trades, drafting, negotiation, labor issues, maritime cases, and other civil cases. He earned his B.A. in faculty of law from Waseda University and studied in the UK in practitioner seminars at University of Southampton (LL.M.) and learned common law, maritime law, comparative intellectual property law, corporate governance and etc. and had practical training at Hill Dickinson L.L.P. in London and was involved in the Practice of British law, international trade and maritime law, participated in training course of EU law, English law, common law, contract law, company law, tort law, business law and property law etc. He has experienced working for over 600 clients.