Fenetre Partners is a leading consulting firm for market entry into Japan and business development in Japan. We provide our clients with market research, distributor & partner search, B2B business matching, marketing & sales rep and trade support.

 Our office is a member of IBG global which is an association of private commercial consulting firms with offices and staff in 53 countries. IBG Global covers more than 150 country markets. IBG Global has completed export sales assistance projects for over 40,000 different companies and represents many corporate, national and sub-national entities engaged in export sales and investment assistance globally. In terms of practical assistance to companies, IBG Global has a wealth of experience in international business development which can be your guide to your own success. Our approach is export sales driven, based on what works in the global business environment, by providing key qualified international sales leads and market research.

 If you have any interests or questions about IBG, please contact the office in your region.