We help your business establish Entry Strategy into Japanese Market

We help your business to establish Entry Strategy into Japanese Market

Fenetre Partners is a leading consulting company of trade, investment, and international marketing, based in Tokyo, Japan. The role of the company is to serve as a bridge that connects international businesses with Japan and the global market, providing various clients with market research, market entry strategy, local partner and distributor search, trade mission support, and representatives for marketing and sales. Its clients are both foreign companies looking to enter the Japanese market and Japanese companies aspiring to go global. Founded in 2008, Fenetre Partners employs 24 staff members and has conducted international projects for over 200 companies in the past 10 years.

What’s New

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Investment Promotion
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Global Network

IBG Global
Our office is a member of IBG Global, running its Japan office. You can contact the IBG office in your region in order to learn more about IBG.

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