Distributor & Partner Search in Japan

Distributor & Partner Search in Japan

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 As you may know, in most of industries in Japan, distribution channels seem to be complex to foreigners. For example, some distributors concentrate their function on logistics, meaning they basically do not do sales activities. Some industries require you to have several layers of distribution channels such as importer, distributor, first dealer, second dealer and retailer. This business culture can be very tricky for new comers, and you need professional support to find the most appropriate distributor.

 We offer distributor and partner search by identifying appropriate candidates, pre-screening them, arranging meetings with them, and accompanying you to meetings. We also arrange all logistics and translation.

Distributor and Partner Search in Japan – Process

Our distributor and partner search is usually conducted in the following manner:

1. Identification of potential distributors or partners
To begin, we define the ideal distributors or partners by having a discussion with a client. We then do research on websites, industry directories and industry groups in order to identify potential distributors and partners. We organize the information into a long list and ask our client to prioritize them.

2. Pre-screen candidates
Next, we make contacts with candidates by sending emails and making phone calls. We explain the client’s entry plan and product lines and assess the candidates’ levels of interests.

3. Arrange meetings with candidates
After pre-screening the potential distributors and partners, we arrange business meetings between the client and candidates. All logistics including transportation and accommodation are also arranged by us.

4. Accompany clients to meetings
When clients arrive in Japan we give them a briefing about the Japanese business culture and basic information on each company that they will meet. Our team accompanies clients to all meetings and translates if needed. We also invite clients to a business dinner during the stay to help them experience the Japanese culture.


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Distributor and Partner Search in Japan – Our Clients

 Our office has conducted distributor search projects in Japan for over 40 companies in various industries such as food, fashion, furniture, toiletry, house appliances, supplement, stationary, healthcare goods, chemical, equipment, machine tools, components, etc. from the US, UK, Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Australia, etc. Through the work for Virginia Economic Development Partnership as an authorized trade consultant for years, our office has obtained capability of finding an appropriate distributor in any industries in Japan.

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Who We Are – Fenetre Partners

 Fenetre Partners is a leading consulting firm of trade, investment, and international marketing, based in Tokyo, Japan. Our clients range from governmental organizations to private corporations in the U.S., Germany, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan. Our expertise is deep and varied, complete with a solid understanding of the Japanese market and its business culture, which is essential to businesses desiring to enter this market. Founded in 2008, Fenetre Partners employs 24 staff members and has conducted international projects for over 200 companies in the past 10 years.

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Our office is a member of IBG Global, running its Japan office. You can contact the IBG office in your region in order to learn more about IBG.

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