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First step to enter into Japan

 There are several ways for foreign companies to enter into Japanese industrial market. Each of them has merits and demerits, and it is essential that you understand them before entering into Japan.

1. Trading companies
Generally?Japanese trading companies deal with so many types of products, therefore your products would be one of their products. If they find that your products will be accepted by Japanese customers, they will actively sell your products. But if they find that it would take a lot of time to sell in Japanese market, they will firstly try to sell but then stop it as they are not committed to sell your products.

2. Manufacturing companies
Good Japanese manufacturing company for you to tie up with would be the one which is selling their products to the market which you target. If their products do not compete with your products (i.e. complementary products), this company would be the best business partner. However in most of cases, these companies have already some products which might compete with your products. In that case, you would need to find another business partner or just not sell these products in Japan.

3. Sales reps
In case of using sales reps with full commission, they will actively promote your products if they find your products will be sold easily in Japanese market. But once they find it would be difficult to sell your products, they will never try to promote your products. The reason is that?they are not committed to sell your products as long as you contact with by full commission payment. And therefore?you cannot bind them to sell your products persistently.

4. Market research company
Market research companies are good at analyzing market. So if you need detailed research, it would be good to ask them. But?after the research, the most important thing is to establish the strategy to enter into Japanese market. But these market research companies cannot do it. So only in case that you have already have strategy to enter into Japanese market and want to confirm the market situation, these market research companies would be helpful for you.

 Therefore depending on the ways to enter into Japanese market, there are each merit/demerit. And as we understand them,?we designed our service for overseas companies to enter into Japan, which are for example to research the market with minimum cost and time then establish the most effective strategy to do business in Japan.