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Metal Forming Tech Day in Japan – Schuler Group

 Recently, automotive industry has just turned around the corner because of the strong demand for light weight body design to be met with the trend of Electric Motor Driven Vehicle. At the same time, vehicle manufactures are seeking more highly productive production facility with a modern computerizing and they need more effective automation system on production line. Under those circumstances, Schuler group made a first technical seminar in Japan on December 5th and on December 6th, 2018 in Tokyo and Nagoya.

 Fenetre Partners has invited two speakers from Schuler Group in Germany and they introduced a key technology for light weight body design and very unique automation system with laser blanking.

 Besides, Schuler group made a clear commitment that our unique technology has already been recognized and implemented into the running production lines on major European car manufactures. Our technology could be met with Japanese car manufactures.

 All of participants were very much interested in Schuler’s technology and its seminar was over
successfully. We firmly believe this seminar must be helpful for Japanese customers to realize
more effective production and to be able to catch up a coming new car technology.