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Investment Seminar for India [Report]

On July 9th, 2019, we held India investment seminar at Tokyo, Japan.
The seminar was organized in the following four parts:

Lecture 1 【Strategy for New market entry and Business model plan】

                                                               M+V Japan Representative

                                                               Mr. Yasushi Hasegawa

Lecture 2 【India business support provided by M+V 】

                                                               M+V Japan Representative

                                                               Mr. Yasushi Hasegawa

Lecture 3 【Actual business plan cases in India】 skype session from India

                                                               M+V Head consulting

                                                               Mr. Atul Khurana

Q&A session

Most of participants know “ sell in India “ is very important since India is next future big market, and they would like to know specific strategy to develop business in India.

And one-third of participants, their company has regional office in India and from Q&A session’s enthusiastic communication, we realize they are facing trouble about unclear market environment, and slower growth sales, different culture thought about work.

M+V supports all kinds of matter Japanese companies are facing in India, from tax, business operations, etc.

And we will continue to effort to deliver useful information.