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Free Short Webinar: Distribution Channel Strategy in Japan

 Are you interested in finding a right distributor in Japan? Are you satisfied with the performance of your local distributor in Japan?


 Japan is a mature, unique, complicated and tricky market, so just finding a distributor wouldn’t help your business in Japan in some cases or industries. You need to combine strategic options for finding, activating or revitalizing your distributor in Japan.


 Get a first overview with this Free Short Webinar on June 10 Thursday at 10 am US EDT. Please click here to register.


 It explains appropriate options of distribution channel strategy in Japan for industrial goods suppliers, which is very different from normal strategy in other growing markets.




10:00 Overview of economy and industries in Japan
Low-growth market is still attractive for American suppliers?
10:15 Pros and cons of selling through a local distributor
Good first step but your sales hit the ceiling sooner or later
10:25 Strange distribution channel structure in Japan
Multi-layers, exclusivity, direct model, purchasing agent, focus on logistics, etc.
10:35 Case Studies
Unfortunately there’s no perfect ideal distributor for you
10:45 Options for distribution channel strategy in Japan
5 strategic options for industrial goods suppliers
10:55 Q&A




Satoshi Takayama is a director and co-founder of Fenetre Partners, Ltd. and has worked mainly for industrial suppliers such as machinery, components, tools, parts, material and the like mainly from the US and Germany on their market entry into Japan. He completed a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and earned a Master of Business Administration at Manchester Business School. Satoshi Takayama has more than 15 years of experience as a technical sales and marketing expert for European and American companies including Parker Hannifin Japan Ltd., where he received the “Best Seller of the Year” and “Best Employee of the Year”.
Yasushi Hasegawa is a director and co-founder of Fenetre Partners, Ltd. He holds a bachelor’s degree in commercial science and Executive MBA at Hult International and is an authorized trade consultant of Virginia Economic Development Partnership, senior adviser to Enterprise Florida and principle of Great Lakes St. Lawrence Governors & Premiers Japan office. As a management consultant, he has more than 20 years of experience in the Japanese market. Even before Fenetre Partners was founded, he carried out over 100 projects. Among other things in the areas of business start-ups, market research, reshaping of sales strategies, sales development and change management, mainly in the food, IT, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, logistics and video game industries as well as in the retail and foodservice sectors.



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