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Make a Solid Step Further in Having Our Presence in Japan

Mr. Marius Sugentaitis
Sales Manager
UAB Lyncis

Make a Solid Step Further in Having Our Presence in Japan


 Lyncis is a small laser tech company manufacturing online chemical analyzers for industrial process control applications. Our clients are big mining and mineral processing corporations and the introduction of new technology to corporations for a small company is not an easy task. To achieve such a goal Lyncis puts a big emphasis on expanding a network of sales partners globally.

 We had prior experience in the region, but with the assistance of Fenetre the time it took to find potential partners in Japan was much shorter than anticipated. In addition, cultural business differences and the language barrier wouldn’t have let us secure the meetings we had without the mediation of Fenetre.

 Fenetre helped us to make a solid step further in having our presence in Japan.