Fenetre Partners is a leading consulting firm for market entry into Japan and business development in Japan. We provide our clients with market research, distributor & partner search, B2B business matching, marketing & sales rep and trade support.

Business Seminar in Vienna, Stuttgart and Cologne [Report]

 Fenetre Partners organized the roadshow of “Business Seminar – Successful Market Entry and Expansion in Japan & South Korea” in Vienna, Stuttgart and Cologne on April 24, 25 and 26, 2017. Events-April2017-1.jpg  The events invited approx. 60 people in total and gave them opportunities of studying business environment, entry strategy, key success factors in marketing & sales and business culture in Japan & South Korea. Events-April2017-2.jpg  The event “JAPAN – THE 3RD LARGEST ECONOMY” in Vienna was co-hosted by WKO and us. Our representative directors, Mr. Takayama and Hasegawa presented the sessions “Industrial Goods Market in Japan” and “Market Entry Strategy into Japan”. Events-April2017-3.jpg  The events are very successful and impressed participants that Japan and South Korea have a lot of opportunities especially in industrial goods sectors. We have started discussion with some of the participants on these events.  We plan to organize the next events in November 2017 in Germany. Our events are open to anyone who is responsible for businesses in Japan or with Japanese companies. Please contact us if you are interested in joining our events in the near future.